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How we work

We work hard to ensure that every client is delighted with the animation we produce and so joins the community of ambassadors spreading the reputation of Source Animation. We approach virtually every task via a methodology built around a set of simple stages. These are more or less the same whether we are producing a technical engineering or architectural animation rendering or an action packed, character based TV show.

Conceive and understand: Through a series of initial meetings (virtual or actual) with our client, we gather comprehensive information about the scope and size of the project, the target market and specific goals within the scope of the project.

Proposal: Next, we use the information we have gained from the previous stage, combined with industry-leading project management techniques, to draw up a timeline and a cost breakdown for the project. We provide you with a detailed analysis of all of the work to be done, along with an equally detailed staffing plan.

Design and Storyboarding: The entire story is now sketched out on paper, character by character and scene by scene, and sent to you for approvals. At this stage we also take great care to ensure that the words to be delivered on the voice track will work hand in hand with the visuals to deliver your message correctly.

Asset development: Next, our team carefully develops all 3D & 2D assets required for your project. We send you work-in-progress references of these assets for your feedback and approval.

Animation Production: This is when it all comes together. Our animators now start animating, and characters and objects begin to move as they are intended to. This is a critical stage in your production, and it is done under the close supervision of our highly experienced Animation Directors.

Post Production: Once the animation is complete and we have the rendered output, we are ready to add character voices, voiceovers, sound effects and music to further enhance the experience. Finally, once all quality checks are complete, we are ready to hand over the final output to you.